Public Procurement

Who We Are

We help client to draft tender notices and contracts and consult them during the procedure. We also represent clients at the Procurement Monitoring Bureau and in courts. Our team is part of the European academic and lobbying debate on the topic.

Practice In Detail
  • Appealing Tender Documentation before Government Bodies
  • Assistance in Bid Preparation
  • Bid review
  • Drafting Public Procurement Contracts
  • Drafting Tender Documentation
  • Expert services in Bid document review
  • Explaining Tender Documentation to Foreign Bidders
  • Legal Advice in all stages of the tendering process
  • Legal assessment of public procurement contract implementation
  • Legal support in EU and government audits of public procurement procedures
  • Procurement Disputes & Litigation
  • Representation before the Public Procurement Monitoring Bureau
  • Review of Procurement procedure legality
  • BAO
  • Biseris
  • Capital
  • DAN Communications
  • Datakom
  • Merks
  • A.P.N. Promise
  • Rīgas domes Īpašuma departaments
  • Scania
  • Siemens Healthcare Oy
  • Valsts vides dienests
  • Ventspils Labiekārtošanas kombināts



Proved to Public Procurement Monitoring Bureau that technical requirements for a ticket sales and distribution system unlawfully prohibited our client, Bilesu Serviss, from participating in a 0.1 Mio EUR tender.

Convinced the Procurement Monitoring Bureau to annul a requirement for computers to carry the EPEAT certificate, which would have been a game-changer on the market for government purchases. The requirement also prohibited the only Latvian producer of computers, AS Capital, to participate in this 5 Mio EUR tender.

Advised PLH Arkitekter, the architects of the Riga Central station for Rail Baltica, on negotiating and later withdrawing from the procurement agreement for consulting Eiropas Dzelcela linijas, who commissioned the station.

Assisted the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to terminate an agreement with the Ministry of Economy for organising Latvia’s participation in EXPO 2020 in Dubai. We also advised on ways how to continue implementing the project in a different legal framework.

Proved before the Senate and regional court that Ragn-Sells, a waste management company, had lawfully increased the contract price to include applicable taxes in the EUR 0,5 Mio procurement contract before signing it.

Proved to the Procurement Monitoring Bureau that demanding a construction supervisor in a 0.3 Mio EUR tender for environmental services was excessive and unlawful. The client we represented, AS BAO, a waste management company, subsequently won the tender.

Assisted the Latvian Manufacturers of Building Materials to develop guidelines for works procurements.

Developing strategy for and implementing the initiative of the Latvian Association of Optometrists and Opticians to level the rules on accessibility to medical facilities for persons with disabilities. The differentiated rules prohibited members of the association from being registered as medical institutions and delivering services within the state scheme for medical care. The assistance involved liaising with the Ministry of Health and defense of the client’s position before the Cabinet of Ministers.

VILGERTS assisted RB Rail in drafting new standard tender rules for design and supervision services, which RB Rail shall procure in a competition with negotiations. We help the client to find the delicate balance between the risks that the client is willing to leave with the suppliers and the uncertainty of the costs of the services for the supplier.

Represented Riga City Council’s Real Estate Department before the administrative court regarding a claim for unlawful requirements to submit tender documents containing deliverables normally delivered during the execution of the procurement agreement, The Public Procurement Monitoring Bureau had upheld the client’s approach but was overruled by the court.

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