Seller’s liability in M&A transactions

by Vairis Dmitrijevs, Head of M&A, Latvia

Publication in magazine Bilances Juridiskie Padomi / No. 5 (71), May 2019 Contractual Limitations of Seller’s Liability in Business Sales Transactions (M&A) If the buyer timely prepares agreement terms that are acceptable to him or are in line with the established...

VAT Registration – just like the Morse Code. Myth or truth?

by Viktorija Kristholde-Lūse, Tax Expert, Latvia

Although it is possible to apply for the value added tax (VAT) taxpayer status at the time of submitting company registration documents to the Company Register, in practice such registration is impossible. This is due to the rather aggressive practice...

Legal update for the automotive industry in Latvia

by Debora Pāvila, Partner, Latvia

There is ongoing litigation between the Moller Mobility group companies in Latvia (importers and dealers of VW cars in the country) and Latvia’s Competition Council involving a EUR 7.4 million fine imposed on the companies for an alleged cartel agreement....