Public Procurement

Who We Are

We help client to draft tender notices and contracts and consult them during the procedure. We also represent clients at the Procurement Monitoring Bureau and in courts. Our team is part of the European academic and lobbying debate on the topic.

Practice In Detail
  • Appealing Tender Documentation before Government Bodies
  • Assistance in Bid Preparation
  • Bid review
  • Drafting Public Procurement Contracts
  • Drafting Tender Documentation
  • Expert services in Bid document review
  • Explaining Tender Documentation to Foreign Bidders
  • Legal Advice in all stages of the tendering process
  • Legal assessment of public procurement contract implementation
  • Legal support in EU and government audits of public procurement procedures
  • Procurement Disputes & Litigation
  • Representation before the Public Procurement Monitoring Bureau
  • Review of Procurement procedure legality
  • BAO
  • Biseris
  • Capital
  • DAN Communications
  • Datakom
  • Merks
  • A.P.N. Promise
  • Rīgas domes Īpašuma departaments
  • Scania
  • Siemens Healthcare Oy
  • Valsts vides dienests
  • Ventspils Labiekārtošanas kombināts


Advising Siemens Healthcare in disputes at the Public Procurement Bureau and in the administrative courts.

Advising a municipality owned company, CATA AS, in major public procurement disputes.

Advising AUTOsprint, forestry company,  in its successful appeal against the public procurement regulation of VAS Latvijas Valsts Meži concerning round timber production services in 2021-2025.

Legal assistance to BAO, the leading hazardous waste management company in Latvia, by appealing public procurement results of Valmiera municipality resulting in favourable decision for the client.

Legal assistance to Merks, one of the leading construction companies in Latvia, by appealing the public procurement results of the University of Latvia.

Drafted guidelines for medical waste management tenders on behalf of the industry association – Latvian Association of Waste Management Companies. The guidelines were drafted in close cooperation with the Latvian Procurement Monitoring Bureau and approved by them.

Legal assistance to a leading European producer of healthcare equipment in altering the established practice of the Latvian Procurement Monitoring Bureau in deciding industry’s disputes.

Legal assistance to Biseris UAB, one of the largest groups in Lithuania and the Baltic countries among companies specializing in project development that provide services for complex transport and the improvement of civil infrastructure, by participating in the public procurement organized by VAS Latvijas Valsts Ceļi. The client has been announced as a winner in two parts of the public procurement.

Proved to Public Procurement Monitoring Bureau that technical requirements for a ticket sales and distribution system unlawfully prohibited our client, Bilesu Serviss, from participating in a 0.1 Mio EUR tender.

Convinced the Procurement Monitoring Bureau to annul a requirement for computers to carry the EPEAT certificate, which would have been a game-changer on the market for government purchases. The requirement also prohibited the only Latvian producer of computers, AS Capital, to participate in this 5 Mio EUR tender.

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