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Shipping and transport matters are handled by our experts having a rare combination of both experience and academic background in shipping and maritime matters. Our core focus is mostly related to carrier's liability insurance and marine insurance matters. Key competence areas are cargo insurance and road carrier's liability under local law and CMR.

Practice In Detail
  • Air Carriage Disputes
  • Bill of Lading Disputes
  • CMR Litigation
  • Carrier’s Liability Insurance
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Freight Forwarding Disputes
  • Sea Carriage Disputes
  • Trade Finance
  • AirBaltic
  • AON Baltic
  • Fracht
  • If P&C Insurance
  • Latvijas autoceļu uzturētājs
  • Triangel
  • Valmieras stikla šķiedra


Representing a marine insurance company in litigation against a Latvian retailer regarding the retailer’s failure to pay for the delivered goods according to United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Representing If P&C Insurance AS in dispute with a stevedore company Liepājas Osta LM AS in relation to a claim for compensation of losses in the amount of EUR 1.3 Mio. The damage most likely was caused by exposure to saltwater and therefore the cargo of steel bars was damaged during transportation from Liepaja to Liverpool. The court of appeals ruled in the favour of the client.

Representing Iveco Group companies in a dispute worth EUR 0.63 Mio against its previous dealer Ive Motors SIA, which became insolvent. The dispute involved several complex legal aspects concerning the jurisdiction, applicable substantive law and others.

Representing VIMEX a second defendant in court case initiated by the insolvent AS Liepājas Metalurgs against its creditor Gesenice for declaring the agreements of delivery of steel products to Gesenice null and void and for collection of the damages in the amount of EUR 0.21 Mio.

Representing If P&C Insurance AS Lithuania in litigation concerning complex relationship between several carriage companies, which are based both in the jurisdiction of Latvia and Lithuania. VILGERTS represents the client in litigation for damages against the carriers and their insurers. VILGERTS has assisted the client in obtaining a favourable judgment from the first instance court acknowledging a possibility to bring a direct action against an insurer in non-compulsory liability insurance case.

Representing If P&C Insurance in a litigation with international transport company Kuehne + Nagel Latvia SIA, where the client brought a recourse claim for careless handling of a container that was washed overboard. The amount of claim exceeds EUR 1 Mio.

Representing Fracht SIA in court proceedings against a former shareholder and a transport company concerning an alleged collusion of latter two to perform illegal activities with the property of the client, including deviation from the agreed route of transportation under the agreement. VILGERTS is representing the client in civil proceedings in order to claim compensation for the damages arising out of the misappropriation of the cargo that is the subject to further inspection in criminal proceedings.

Successfully representing Air Baltic Corporation AS in settlement negotiations with Riga International Airport regarding the first multi-million antitrust damages litigation in the jurisdiction of Latvia. VILGERTS secured a favourable settlement agreement.

Representing Imeon Logistics Group in the court proceedings concerning carrier’s liability for extra costs incurred due to improper fulfilment of the contractual tasks entrusted to the carrier. The breach of obligations, inter alia, is connected with the failure to ensure the compliance with certain regulatory standards regarding the state of the cargo. The case concerns the law of foreign jurisdictions, including USA. VILGERTS has assisted the client in obtaining a favourable judgment from the first instance court.

Successfully representing Air Baltic Corporation AS in litigation before the Supreme Court, in which the insolvent FlyLAL Lithuanian Airlines brought an action for recognition and enforcement of foreign attachment order worth EUR 58 Mio against our client and Riga International Airport. The Supreme Court refused to recognize and enforce the order.

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