Tips for Success in International Arbitration.

Jānis Kubilis and Aivars Lošmanis attended the biennial international conference Swedish Arbitration Days organised by the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA). Swedish Arbitration Days focused on Advocacy in International Arbitration.

The focus on practical tips and suggestions concerning examining witnesses lets the audience take away something useful and valuable.

Some ideas and tips to take away:

  • Don’t speak a language you are not fluent in, unless you are there to entertain.
  • It is very important to choose a translator whose first language is the target language.
  • Be kind, modest, fair, likeable, short, understanding, concise, positive and do not repeat yourself. Tell a story that is relatable and break down the arguments as if you had to explain it to a child.
  • Use witnesses as a glue between your written evidence and to add a flavor to your story, don’t build your case on that.
  • No matter how complicated are your submissions, always prepare a summary with references to evidence, main arguments and state clearly what you want. They are called skeletons in some jurisdictions.
by Jānis Kubilis, Head of Dispute Resolution, Latvia

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