Latvian economy continues expanding

Elīza Grīnvalde and Vairis Dmitrijevs attended the Nordic Baltic Business Forum ‘18. The key aspects of the business forum was increasing Latvia’s competitiveness for Nordic investments and vision of the next century - innovation, cooperation and growth.

Some key points of the forum:

  • Investment in IT field in Latvia increased the most in 2016 and 2017;
  • Unemployment rate in Latvia is decreasing continuously;
  • Wage level is increasing significantly;
  • Construction activity has 30% growth in recent years;
  • Despite growing pressure in the labour market, domestic labour pool is not exhausted;
  • Unemployment rate according to education level of unemployed persons - the higher education, the lower unemployment rate.

Latvia is becoming more and more welcoming place not only to invest in, but also to do your business and base your life in.

by Elīza Grīnvalde, Junior Associate / AML specialist (CAMS), Latvia

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Elīza Grīnvalde

Junior Associate / AML specialist (CAMS)

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Vairis Dmitrijevs

Head of M&A

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