Belarus energy sector is safe haven for investments

VILGERTS Belarus contributed to the Belarus country profile for the first issue of the Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) publication by the Energy Charter Secretariat, which covers 30 countries. The publication aims to assist governments in improving the investment environment, as well as gives independent insight for energy companies, investors and the financial sector.

According to Eugenia Urodnich, head of Energy and Investments, “Belarus has been assigned a low risk rate for energy sector investments. We overtook Kazakhstan and Ukraine by many indicators. Belarus got the maximum possible rate of 100 points for the indicator "restrictions on FDI". EIRA publication might raise the investors’ interest in the Belarusian energy sector, and financial institutions will be more willing to credit projects in Belarus. We are waiting for the in-depth report for Belarus that is planned to be published at the end of 2018”.

The Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) by the Energy Charter Secretariat explores opportunities for investments to the energy sector. Having expertise in green energy, VILGERTS Belarus was one of the 3 independent experts invited to research and evaluate the investment potential in Belarus. Eugenia Urodnich and Volha Khaladtsova contributed to the research.



by Eugenia Urodnich, Associate Partner,

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