Real Estate & Construction: In Belarus, rules related to construction works for rental premises relaxed as of February 2018.

With the new Decree “On Entrepreneurship Development” entering into force in February 2018, Belarus relaxes the rules in the Real Estate & Construction industry. Property owners, as well as tenants, will be able to carry out major repairs and upgrading of premises without receiving a permit from government authorities. As of now, it is enough to develop and approve the project documentation and notify the responsible authorities in order to start works.

Moreover, owners of administrative premises are no more limited by the obligation to obtain a special permit and amend technical documentation before renting office premises to tenants-providers of household services.

We highly recommend reviewing the lease agreement. The Decree opens new opportunities for both property owners and tenants, but at the same time increases risks related to improvements to premises.

Aliaksandr Stsepanenka